Quick Restaurant Pick: Gianni Fish & Chips

25 Jun

Forty pesos gets you a generous heap of crispy golden french fries, real beer-battered fish and a refresco at this new lunchtime place on Avenida Tecnologico.  Continue reading


El Rincon Peruano

23 Jun

It’s always fun to see how different cultures interpret each others’ cuisines.

One of my fondest, and strangest, culinary memories involves a desperate meal at a supposedly “American” restaurant at a train station in a squalid Soviet industrial town in the Czech Republic.

I say desperate because my intention was to have my dinner in Vienna, but my travel plans were interrupted when the train I was riding in plowed over a young man from said squalid Soviet industrial town in what was apparently a suicide.  Continue reading

Quick Restaurant Picks: The Best Burgers in (Colonia) Mexico

12 Jun

The Yucatan Yenta and I have had many a disagreement about OneBurger.

“They’re the best hamburgers in Mexico,” she says.

“That may be true, but they’re way too expensive and they can’t possibly stay in business for long,” I say.

And since every time I drive by OneBurger they’re offering some sort of new sale or gimmick to get people through the door, and since I never see anyone in the restaurant anymore, it appears that I may be right, but more importantly, it appears that the Yucatan Yenta may be WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

Here’s where The Angus Corner comes in to save the day.  Continue reading

Quick Restaurant Picks: Poc Chuc in Mani, A Charming German Deli, and the Best Barbacoa in Merida

27 Feb


Poc Chuc at El Pricipe Tutul-Xiu


I’ve always been baffled by Poc Chuc.

I’ve never been the type who enjoys, for example, a big steak or an gigantic slab of prime rib.  After tediously chewing bite after bite of the same thing, I usually get bored long before the meal is through.  Every time I tried to eat Poc Chuc, it was always tough, dry and bland.  I had sort of written off its popularity as a cultural phenomenon that I would never understand.

But that was before trying the Poc Chuc at El Principe Tutul Xiu in Mani.  It was recommended to me by Eat Merida reader Estela Keim, and as she’s introduced me to some of my favorite restaurants in Merida (especially Il Cappriccio,) I decided to give it a try.

I’m a believer again.  Continue reading

Cafe Punta del Cielo

27 Feb

Mexico’s answer to Starbucks offers Mexican-grown coffee in a chic and comfortable setting.


Think Pink: A Small Beachside Temple to Memory

14 Jan


Andiamo al mare!

Once on a beautiful Sunday, I was dragged to a cavernous seafood restaurant east of Progreso that’s been favored by Merida’s oligarchs and arrivistes for almost 80 years.

My hosts were wastrels: downwardly mobile sons of Yucatan’s Divine Caste who, with doomed business ventures and joyless adultery, cobbled together lives for themselves in the dim, grimy margins of the state’s formal economy. Continue reading

Cool Customers: Tropical Products and Services We Love: A Chic Small Center of the Known Universe?

20 Dec

I fear the Evil Eye when I’m at LA68 Casa de Cultura.

The Evil Eye: the envious gaze, the covetous glance, the invisible force that strikes you down or brings you low whenever you’re just a little too happy about your good fortune, your lot in life, whenever you call attention to someone or something that’s especially pleased you. Continue reading